BMR Drive Shaft Safety Loop Installation


BMR Rear Tunnel Drive Shaft Saefty Loop Installation Guide. This is a very quick installation. Only very basic tools are needed. BMR’s Drive Shaft safety loop is also a tunnel brace that helps to strengthen the floor pan and drive shaft tunnel. The BMR Driveshaft Tunnel Brace uses factory mounting holes.

NHRA rules require a drive shaft safety loop for cars running 12.99 or quicker in the quarter mile. This loop is made from 1/4″ x 2″ plate steel and they are a true bolt-on that uses existing mounting holes, no welding or drilling required. The LRS team had this dropped shipped from BMR in Florida.

Start with taking off the factory flaps. One on each side. You will reuse these nuts and bolts.
I was able to slide the cross member between the drive shaft and exhaust without taking anything apart. This area was near the front of the drive shaft near the transmission.After you get it through then you can slide it back into position.
This was also true of the safety loop itself. It will slide on at the front U-joint. Then slide it back down the drive shaft until its in position.
Bolt the cross-member to the chassis. Only two of the same locations are used from the plastic shield removal. The third location forward utilized the 2nd nut from the shield.
Then using the supplied new hardware attach the loop to the cross member. Put them all together first before you tighten them down. The nuts are lock nuts.
Clearance is good. I really like this modification because not only does it make your car safer but it also has a small chassis stiffening benefit.
mustang driveshaft safety loop Now lets hope its never utilized.