BMR Panhard Bar Install

A S-197 Mustang Panhard Bar is responsible for locating the rear end side-to-side in the chassis. Factory Mustang Panhard Bars are made with small diameter tubing and rubber bushings that allow deflection under load.

The BMR Mustang Panhard Bar is all made from a larger diameter 1.25″, heavy wall DOM tubing and utilize either greaseable polyurethane bushings. The adjustable version use left-hand and right-hand thread to allow easy “on-car” adjustment.

This is a necessary when you lower your mustang as it allows you to re-center the rear end. Adjustable Panhard Bars also become a “must-have” part if you are trying to fit the widest tires possible in the wheel well. You can pick up one of these units at CJ Pony Parts for $154.

 Mustang PanHard Bar

Lift your mustang.

Then pull your factory unit. It is held on by two bolts, one on each end.

  Remove the bar. Now you can set the length of the new bar to the same as your old bar.
 Mustang PanHard Bar Install the drivers side. Torque to 129ft/lbs. I did this install at the same time I lowered the car and put on new shocks and struts.
  Then bolt up the passengers side.
  Then install poly Lube. 2-3 pumps will do.
Then with the wheels on drop the car down and measure your wheel position to the body. Adjust the nuts on the bar as needed. Once you are happy then tighten. Loctite is recommended.