BMR Suspension Upper Rear Control Arm & Bracket Installation

The Team over at BMR suspension really have a handle on what muscle cars need. They have a beefy upgrade for the S197 rear control arm and the upper control arm mount. These parts come in either Black or Red. 

BMR’s upper control arm mount ($129) is a direct replacement for the OE piece and requires no drilling or welding to install. The new Mustang platform only has one upper control arm and the mount is only a thin stamped metal plate.The BMR suspension upper mount is made in the USA from heavy duty 1/4″ plate and can be either bolted or welded into place. Additionally it has dual control arm mounting points for changing instant center.

They also have an on car adjustable upper control arm ($179) with a polyurethane bushing. This single upper control arm is responsible for maintaining pinion angle and preventing axle counter-rotation. This “3 link” style suspension is ideal for autocross and road race applications as it allows the most articulation possible with a solid axle. For drag racing, however, the single, centered link becomes a weak point as the stock arm is only one inch thick in the middle and made from light gauge, stamped steel. the BMR upper control arm is made from 1 5/8″ x .120 wall DOM tube and is MIG welded. This is the largest adjuster in the industry, 1-1/8″, for a bulletproof combination.

BMR has incorporated an application-specific, dual-durometer bushing. This 4-piece bushing utilizes a high-durometer center bushing to resist deflection under heavy loading and two outer, low-durometer bushings to allow articulation during handling. This makes the control arm equally at home on the drag strip, street, or road course.

I have the Red units and let me say the quality of craftsmanship is excellent and this upgrade should most certainly help with aggressive and hard launches. The price is great for what you are getting and I was really shocked at the stock parts and could easily see why hard launches could bent and twist the stock parts. BMR has down-loadable instructions on their website. However this was a quick and easy install. With the right tools and no problems you could do this job in 30min.

By SC_Kona_Blue

BMR Suspension Rear Upper Control Arm BMR Suspension Rear Upper Control Arm. This is an amazing work of American Craftsmanship.
BMR Suspension Rear Upper Control Arm Mounting Bracket BMR Suspension Rear Upper Control Arm Mounting Bracket. Much stronger than the factory mustang part.
Block Front Wheel As with most projects be safe. When you lift the rear end the front will move. So be sure to block them.
Jack Stands Jack the rear of the car up. Be sure not to place these on or near the rear axle as you need to get around under there.
Remove Back Seat Here is a shot of the small tab that is under the back seat. Push on this tab and then pull up. There is one tab under each side of the rear seat in your 2010-2011 mustang.
Top Bolt After you have the back seat out then you can remove the top bolt. This is in very tight, so be prepared to use the right tool.
Two Bottom Bolts Now crawl underneath and remove the two bottom bolts.
Diff Bolt Now undo the nut on the top of the differential. You do not have to hold the other side for removal as the bolt is notched.
Diff Bolt Reach If you have long enough extensions you can get to it from the wheel well. Zip and its off.
Slide it out Now the arm and mount just slide right out. The BMR instructions called for dropping the gas tank straps but I did not have to. There is plenty of room to maneuver it.
Un-bolt Arm I had to reuse my factory bolt. So remove that.
Bracket comparison Notice the two holes for center adjustment. Also take note of how much beefier the BMR bracket is versus the stock Ford bracket.
Control Arm comparison Again look at the BMR suspension control arm versus the factory mustang control arm. I can see that factory unit bending quite easily under a hard launch. The BMR control arm is worth every penny.
Align to Factory Arm I used a couple of metal rods to get the alignment exact to the factory distance. Then put a drop of locktite on each nut.
New Assembly After you are done admiring it. Then put the new arm into the new bracket. On the advice of BMR I put it in the top (as mounted in car) hole.
Hole Alignment Off On this one the hole alignment was off so I had to take it off and ream out the hole a little to get it to fit. The factory unit had a slide hole that was up and down and the BMr unit went side to side. I am not sure if this fit another mustang but did not work for mine. I told BMR but heard nothing back conclusive.
Finished Installation Bolt it all back down.
Finished Installation 2 A shot from the other side. Put some grease in it and your all done. Now I can feel more confident at the track that I am not going to bend this control arm.