Granatelli Motorsports Upper Panhard Bar Brace Install

Granatelli Pan Hard Brace Comparison to Factory

If you are wanting to upgrade all of your factory suspension components then you need an upper panhard bar brace. I came across the Granatelli Motor Sports Mustang upper Panhard Brace. This is a direct OEM replacement.

An upper panhard brace helps reduce wheel hop and chassis flex, and improves handling. The Granatelli brace is made from HD tubular steel w/precision welds. If you lower your car then you need an adjustable pan hard bar. Granatelli makes these also. You will also want to upgrade the upper panhard bar brace. The panhard bar brace sits above the panhard bar and helps keep the rear end from flexing side to side.

You can see it here compared with the factory Ford Mustang Panhard Brace. The solid tubular steel is much stronger than the factory ford brace.

Granatelli Mustang Panhard Brace Rod Blue Powder coated Granatelli Mustang upper Panhard Brace Rod.
Granatelli Mustang Panhard Brace Rod Here is a close up of the end on the brace. The strength of it compared to the factory design is apparent.
Remove factory panhard bar brace Remove the bolt on the passengers side.
Remove the two bolts on the drivers side.
Granatelli panhard brace comparision to factory ford panhard brace The Granatelli upper panhard brace comparison to factory Ford Mustang panhard brace. The factory unit is thin stamped metal. The Grannatelli unit is a solid bar.
Granatelli panhard brace bolted in I have my panhard bar out for another project I was doing at the same time but this end of the brace rod just slides in and you run the bolt through it and tighten it down.
Granatelli panhard brace bolted in Then put in the two blots on the drivers side. 
Granatelli panhard brace on Mustang 8.8 Rear End Here is a shot of the upper panhard bar brace with the panhard bar out.

Here is a shot of the brace (top) with the panhard bar and sway bar back in place. Also note the extra black Swarr bar.

Overall I like the Granatelli brace and would recommend it to anyone looking at this modification.