Granatelli Sway Bars Install

Granatelli Motorsports supplied Ford with some Anti Sway Bars and they are selling them direct. They are powder coated Ford Blue. The Granatelli Sway Bars have three great advantages over the stock Ford Anti Sway Bars. The First is that the front bar is 1mm thicker. Each mm in size is approximately 75% stronger. The Front bar also has three adjustment holes. The stock front bar only has one. The rear Granatelli bar is the same size as the stock bar but the rear hangars are considerably more rigid. I have the Performance Package sway bars. I think these are the same as the GT.

Granatelli Front Anti Sway Bar – 35.8mm
Stock Ford PP Front Anti Sway Bar – 34.8mm
Granatelli Rear Anti Sway Bar – 24mm
Stock Rear PP Front Anti Sway Bar – 24mm
They came nicely wrapped from the factory.
Here is both bars laid and supporting hardware laid out.
Here is a closeup of the rear bushings.
This is the rear hangar. It has much more horizontal support than the factory hanger. 
Pull your wheels. 
Starting with the rear you can pull your shock tower lower mount.  Note I have the Steeda Rear Sway bar relocation kit on here.
Then pull your top end links. 
Here is a comparison shot of the factory sway bar with the Grannatelli unit. 
Here is a close up of the rear sway bar shape. 
Bolt on the rear sway bar end links to the chassis.
Then you can bolt the rear bar to the end links.
Now bolt it down to your shock tower mounts. 
Now your rear sway bar is on and you are ready to move to the front. 

Pull your front wheels and then pull the bolts holding the sway bar mounts to the chassis. You can not pull it out yet so lets move on.

The steel line you are seeing is for the DEI CRY02 Intercooler Sprayer.

Then you pull the sway bar end links.
  Also a lower radiator support. You can loosen the lower plastic tray in order to reach the front bolts.
After it is out you can compare it to your factory mustang front sway bar.
They new Bushings will mount and sit over the stop ring on the bar. Go ahead and grease the bushing.
Here you can see the adjustment holes on the Granatelli way bar.
You can place the bar onto the chassis and just let is sit there until the end links are on.
Put your end links back on. The middle hole is closest to factory setting.
Then you can bolt it down. Put your radiator bar back on and button it all up and put your wheels on.