Kenny Brown Eibach Pro Coil Over Shocks


Kenny Brown has created his own custom valved coil over Struts and springs for 2005-2014 Mustangs designed for the AGS 4.0 Advanced Geometry Suspension System and Kenny’s GT4 Series custom Mustangs. Kenny worked closely with Eibach utilizing their Pro S line of struts and shocks as the base. He then specified the valving he wanted for these street track shocks to match the higher spring rates he likes to use. Mustangs are big heavy cars and they need a higher spring rates in the front, compared to other sport springs, in order to help Mustangs turn in really well.

Now most people think that a high spring rate means a harsh ride and I can tell you first had these feel much like the Eibach proline street springs. Yet I notice much less body roll and much better response to steering inputs. Kenny has nailed it as this kit has the perfect combination dialed in plus they are pre-adjusted at the factory for you so you needn’t worry about how to adjust them. Kenny designed these for sporty street performance and they are equally at home at track days

Kenny Brown Eibach Pro Kit Before  you start taking things apart you need to check your original ride height.  Do this on all 4 corners. 
DSC_0120 The front struts come off quite easily. Pull the top 4 nuts.
Kenny Brown Eibach Pro Kit Then the two bolts and swaybar end link at the bottom of the Strut. 
DSC_0111 Then you can put them into place. Note if you don’t take the springs off then you do not need to worry about a spring compressor.
DSC_0118 Attach it to the spindle
Kenny Brown Eibach Pro Kit Then you can pre set the coil over height. Do not tighten yet.
DSC_0123 These are a high quality shock.
DSC_0158 Now for the rear shocks. Pull the carpet back and undo the bolts.
DSC_0163 After you pull the bootto shock bolt then you can drop the rear housing and place your new springs and shocks into place.
DSC_0168 Here is a shot of them both in place. You can adjust the spring height.

Place the car down on blocks unless you have a drive on lift. then set your final ride height and lock the coil overs into place. 

Now you are ready to take the car in for an alignment and then enjoy an amazing handling package.

[mycred_video id=”TMGd4qK-458″ width=”641″ height=”360″ logic=”full” amount=”4″]
Kenny Brown utilized my car for the install of the Eibach Pro S coil-over suspension system.