Kenny Brown K-Member and Control Arms

Kenny Brown K-Memeber

Kenny Brown Has a complete suspension upgrade for the front of your Mustang. There is a a Super-Grip Control Arm Module and  a Light-Weight Tubular Front K-Member set that combined with the rear grip kit turns your street Mustang into a true corner carver.

The Kenny Brown GT4 Front Lower Control Arms completely transform the handling and driving dynamic of your S197 Mustang. The turn in is simply amazing. This system raises the front roll center and changes the Center Migration, Caster, Camber Gain and Anti-Dive making for a fantastic feeling Mustang on the street and on the track.

You can drop the K-Member and Control arms all in one maneuver. It takes a bit of planning but all in all its not too bad.

Kenny Brown K-Memeber In order to drop the factory K-member you must hold the motor up. We used this bar that sits on your shock towers.
Kenny Brown K-Memeber We then dropped chains down to bolts on the motor. Drivers side shown. 
Kenny Brown K-Memeber You must also discontent your steering rack.
Kenny Brown K-Memeber Then drop your control arms.
Kenny Brown K-Memeber Then take all the bolts out and place a jack under the motor to take the weight off the factory K-member and remove it.
Kenny Brown K-Memeber You can then raise the car back up.
Kenny Brown Control Arms Here is the chain attachment point on the passengers side. 
Kenny Brown K-Memeber And then on the drivers side. 
Kenny Brown K-Memeber Here is the factory K-Member and Control arms with the steering rack still attached.
Kenny Brown K-Memeber here is a shot from the front. Notice the large size of the stock motor mounts.
Kenny Brown Control Arms The new K-Member kit has larger bolts so the stock steering rack needs to be drilled out.
Kenny Brown Control Arms Here is a shot of the new poly motor mounts. Yes NVH will increase but you will gain a lot of usable torque. New low-vibration motor mount for street driving will available shortly so stay tuned.
Solid Motor Mount Here is the new Motor Mount in place.
Kenny Brown Control Arms Once you have the K-Member in place you can attach the new control arms. 
Kenny Brown Control Arms They simply bolt on to the K-Member. 
Kenny Brown Control Arms Here is a shot of the whole front. 
Kenny Brown Suspension The new control arms will fit right back into place. We also upgraded the tie rod ends with a new Kenny Brown Bumpsteer Kit.