Kenny Brown S197 Bump-Steer Kit

Kenny Brown now has their own S197 Bump-Steer Kit or Tie Rod Ends. These are a street version that do not add any NVH yet correct your steering bump geometry for lowered Mustangs. In my opinion any Mustang that is lowered needs new longer shaft tie rod ends. All lowered Mustangs that see autocross or road racing or just spirited street driving must have it for proper steering correction. Most aftermarket bump-steer kits have noise rod ends and thus add NVH. These are forged to OE specs like the factory units only with longer studs, grease zerks assure long life.
See first picture.
Tie Rod Ends Here is a side by side comparison of the stock tie rod end and the new Kenny Brown Tie Rod End.
Tie Rod Ends Take the nut off and tap it a couple times with a hammer and it will pop right out. No need to use a puller.
Tie Rod Ends Your Mustang will need an alignment after this job. If you are more than one degree off then you will start to mess up your tires quickly.
Tie Rod Ends The new one just screws on then set the lock nut.
Tie Rod Ends This angle lets you see that your steering rod will now be parallel with your control arm. This is the needed angle.
Tie Rod Ends I did the Kenny Brown Front Control Arm upgrade at the same time.
[mycred_video id=”5FrEU5aJ5kU” width=”640″ height=”360″ logic=”full” amount=”4″]
 My car was used in the Kenny Brown Video