S197 Mustang Budget Strut Tower Brace Install

S197 Strut Tower Brace Install

Author: Curtis Bender

A strut tower brace for the 2005-2013 Mustang bolts to the top of the upper strut mounting points under the hood. The brace is designed to stiffen and tie together the upper end of the strut mounting points, limiting deflection that can cause misalignment in the front suspension.

 This installation deals with a 07-09 GT500 new take off strut tower brace but the basic installation is similar for most commonly sold types.

 First interesting thing I found out is that the 07-09 GT500 brace will fit on the car in either direction!

 Problems did occur though in this 2011+ 3.7 V6 install. Mounting this unit with the curve of the brace to the front, it had lots of engine clearance but was hard up against the hood insulator with the hood closed, with it on with the curve to the back it touched the top of the intake along two of the intake reinforcing ribs.

 So, what to do…

 If I left it where it rubbed the insulator it would rub the paint off the brace and make a mark across the insulator and possibly eventually damage the hood. This was not an option.

 The solution was to clearance the ribs on top of the intake.

 All tolled, including clearancing the intake ribs it took about 30 minutes to get it on.

 Tools needed, 3/8 ratchet, 13mm socket, half round file.

 Follow along with the pics.

The 2007-2009 GT500 Strut Tower Brace…

The clearance issue…

The tool to fix the clearance issue…       

The intake rib after filing for clearance – (this will have no ill affect on the intake)

And the installed 07-09 GT500 Strut Tower Brace…