Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support Install

Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support

In an effort to save precious weight especially off the front of the car I installed a Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support on my Mustang. S-197 Mustang weigh more from the factory on the front half. In autocross and road racing events the car will handle better if the weight is closer to a 50/50 split. This is a great way to drop 9lbs off your front end. I picked it up from American Muscle and was able to install this in my garage.

Steeda made this radiator support from strong and light weight 4130 Chromoly steel that is then Tig welded for extra strength. It ends up being lighter and stronger than the factory unit.

DSC01103 The unit came very well packaged.
DSC01106 Here is a detail shot of the end.
DSC01102  Place your car on stands or a lift. 
 DSC01100 First remove the splashguard. There are several 8mm bolts to remove.
DSC01101 Mine has the hole for the intercooler piping.
 DSC01107 Next undo the other splash shield
DSC01108 And then remove the z brace. It has 6 17mm bolts and two nuts.
DSC01109 You can just loosen the nuts as the brace slides off of them.
DSC01110 Then you can pull your swaybar. This is the Eibach unit shown. You can leave the end links attached and just push it forward. Make sure you let it drop now and not later.
DSC01113 There are two brake line clip that you need to pull off to reuse on the new unit.
DSC01115 Before removal you need to hold the radiator in place. Use your jack but do not apply pressure.
DSC01112 There are four 19mm bolts that hold it to the Chassis. Pull these and it will drop out. Having an extra hand here is nice.
DSC01121 Transfer the rubber grommets and line clips to the new bar.
Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support The Steeda Radiator Support bar saves 9lbs over the stock bar. It weighs 7lbs and the stock bar weighs 16lbs. The stock bar is off a 2011 Mustang.
DSC01123  Now you can place the new bar onto the chassis.
DSC01127 If you are keeping your swaybar then it attaches with new supplied bolts. You can also choose to attach the Z bar or not as well. Once you have it on you can reverse your covers take off and let the car down.