Steeda Rear Sway Bar Relocation Kit

If you are wanting to install a 15″ drag wheel then for clearance you will absolutely need a Rear Sway Bar Relocation Kit. I ordered this from Late Model Restoration. This kit is made by Steeda. All the components were high quality. Steeda’s rear swaybar relocation bracket for S197 Mustangs are designed to move the rear bar more towards the centerline of the wheel which will allow your to run 15X10 inch wheels.

These are made in the USA from high strength steel and zinc plated for a long lasting finish. The Kit comes with all locking hardware brackets. Unlike some other kits which provides a button head square neck bolt that doesn’t allow your swaybar bushing to sit flat and can cause binding issues. The Steeda kit comes with a counter sunk hole and bolt for zero interference.This job can be done in 1-2 hours depending on your tools and experience level.

 Steeda Rear Swaybar Relocation Kit This is the kit up-opened. Two metal plates with pre-drilled holes and necessary bolts.
Rear Sway Bar Relocation Kit Here are all the parts laid out.
Pull Rear Sway Bar First Jack your car up and pull your wheels. Then un-bolt the factory rear sway bar mounts.
Rear Swaybar Relocation After you pull the sway bar then pull the lower shock bolt out. Only do one side at a time or your whole rear end will drop.
Rear Sway Bar Relocation Bracket Place the new bracket in place and mark the bottom of it so you will know where to cut.
Cut rear swaybar mount Now cut the factory mount at your mark.
Rear Sway Bar Relocation Bracket Place the new bracket on the car and bolt it on and set the sway bar bracket bolts in place.
Rear Sway Bar Relocation Bracket Bolts Now bolt your sway bar mount back up.
Rear Shock Bolt I am still using the stock rear sway bar. The lower shock bolt was touching it. I trimmed about a 1/16 of an inch off of it.After you have completed both sides then you can bolt your rear shock back up. Also check your brake lines for clearance of the new wheel.
Steeda Rear Sway Bar Relocation Bracket on Mustang Steeda Rear Sway Bar Relocation Bracket on Mustang
mustang rear swaybar relocation kit Here is a picture of the clearance on a “15X10 Wheel.