Steeda Upper Rear Control Arm and Bracket Install

Steeda Mustang Upper Control Arm and Bracket

One of the first modifications you need to make on your mustang is a rear upper control arm. The Steeda Mustang Upper Rear Control Arm and Bracket is a great combo. This upgrade provides two important functions. The first is a lot more strength for your rear axle when you are launching hard. Parts of this is to help eliminate wheel hop, and allows for proper articulation without deflection for improved handling and corner stability. Secondly the adjustable pinion angle helps you adjust your pinion angle when you lower your mustang.

As with all Steeda Made products they are of top notch American made quality. The guys over at Steeda development really know mustangs and definitely do not disappoint with the design of their upper control arm and its mounting bracket.

I was looking to change out my BMR UCA and bracket and I was talking with the guys over at the 3.7L mustang specialty shop CFM and they recommended the Steeda unit. They are running it on their record setting 3.7L Auto Mustang. So I was sold and had them ship one out.

Steeda Mustang Upper Control Arm and Bracket The Steeda Mustang Upper Control Arm and Bracket. Steeda calls it a An adjustable Street Trailing arm. It is street because of the poly busing. A poly bushing will keep much of the added NVH (vibration) down. A race version is solid metal from side to side and is recommended for track only cars.
Steeda Mustang Upper Control Bracket

The Steeda Upper Rear Control Arm Mounting Bracket is stout and has several control arm mounting positions. The Steeda unit has the most options of any bracket I have seen.

The one on the bottom right as shown here is the same as the factory placement.

The Control Arm has a very nice adjustment sleeve. Is square shaped so you can get a wrench on it.
Steeda to Stock Control Arm Comparison Here is the Steeda control arm to Stock Control Arm Comparison. 
Steeda to Stock Control Arm Comparison Here is a side shot. This angle shows you how much stronger the Steeda unit  is over the stamped metal piece form Ford.
Steeda to Stock Control Arm Bracket Comparison

If you are going to replace your upper control arm on your mustang then you should go ahead and the new the UCA mounting bracket. 

Steeda to Stock Control Arm Bracket Comparison The factory bracket is one of the first things to bend in you are doing some hard launches at the drag strip. Again it is stamped thin steel from the factory. You can flex it with your hand. The Steeda unit is made from 1/4 inch thick steel. It bolts in easily and is powder coated to fight corrosion.

Put your mustang into the air. Stands or a lift. Safety first. You want to unload the rear axel so don’t put your stands under it.

Start off by unbolting your current factory bracket and arm. There are two in the bracket and one at the differential housing.

In this picture you can see the Drake 8.8 Rear End Cover and the Swarr Bar.

There is one bolt inside the car. Push in the two plastic clip and pull the bottom half of the back seat.
This bolt is on tight. If you do not have air then get a big breaker bar.
I already had my pinion angle set to -1.5 degrees. So I matched the arm length from the old arm to the new arm.
Use some ploy busing grease to coat the bushing so that it will no squeak. 
Steeda Control Arm spacer location The supplied spacers face with the step outward. If you are using the factory bracket Steeda also includes special spacers to help the fit.
Put the bolt in but do not tighten it down. If you do it will not flex down to fit on the differential mount.

The fully assembled unit will go in and come out without having to remove anything else on the car.

It does help to have a buddy with the bolt inside the car. But you can do it yourself if you get the other two top bolts in place.

Place the bolt into the diff mount. The bar on the arm sits on the top of the diff mount. You most likely will need your jack to aim the front of the diff back up to mount the diff bolt. Do not tighten it yet.

Then you drop the car and place it on jack stands that are under the axle. The suspension has to be loaded to tighten them down. This is the hardest part of this install.

Steeda has supplied good instructions on how to set your pinion angle for both the factory drive shaft or an aftermarket one piece drive shaft. This is very important before you do a lot of driving or dyno runs. Your car must be on a level surface and with all its weight on the wheels. Most likely you will need an alignment shop with a drive on lift to do the job so plan appropriately.

I had mine checked and set to -2 degrees. Thanks to the guys at Big-O Tire and Alignment.