Stifflers Mustang K-Member Brace Install

Stifflers Mustang K-Member Brace
Stifflers Makes a Lower Chasis Brace that connects the back end of the K-member. S-197 mustangs have a factory bar here, but as with most factory parts there is room for improvement. The Stifflers brace installs in less than 30 min and with only basic tools.
Stifflers K-Member Brace The Stifflers K-Member Brace comes with new hardware. Some Mustangs have removable bolts and some like my 2011 V6 Mustang had pressed in bolts.
Stifflers K-Member Brace Here is a close up of the back side of the Mustang K-Member Brace. The end cap shown here was an issue we take care of later. It has 3 bolt mounting points and a stiffer frame design over a round bar.
Factory Mustang Lower Chassis Brace Here is a front shot of the Factory Mustang K-Member Brace.
Factory Mustang K-Member Brace Removal It was a tight fit because of the headers. So a wrench was used to remove the nuts.
Lower Chassis Brace We had to grind the factory K-member just a hair to allow the new bar to fit on nicely. The end caps (seen above) were creating a fit that was just a bit too tight.

We talked to Stifflers and they are going to make adjustments at the factory. So this step should not be Required on your install.

Install brace with factory nuts Set the bar on the factory studs and then put the four bolts on. Two each side.
Lower Chassis Brace If your K-Member has the bottom hole then use a supplied nut and bolt and attach it. This is the nice part of the Stifflers design that is better than factory.
Stifflers Mustang Lower Chassis Brace Stifflers Branding on the bar.
Stifflers Mustang Lower Chassis Brace Here is the Brace fully installed on my 2011 3.7L Mustang.