SVE Lower Control Arm & BMR Control Arm Bracket Installation

Here is an installation article for SVE Lower Control Arms (LCA) and BMR Lower Control Arm Brackets. The key differences from this article and the other one on the site are the brand of the lower control arms and the fact that these LCA brackets are welded on top of being bolted on. The other lower control arm articleby FIK can be found in the Modification section as well. After reading both you should have a greater comfort level with this particular installation procedure.I picked these Billet beauties from the guys over at Late Model Restoration. As always be careful with your jack stands and be sure to chock the wheels. Start by removing your back wheels.By SC_Kona_Blue
The bushing design on these SVE control arms is very solid. They do translate a bit of road vibration around 70 MPH.
Here are the BMR lower control arm relocation brackets. They give you two options of lowering the position of the control arm.All mounting hardware is included.
Here you can see thickness these brackets provide for your lower control arms.
You can start by removing the e-brake caliper retaining clip.
Then you can undo the e-brake line clip.
Remove the front bolt on the factory control arm. Only do one side at a time.
Remove the rear bolt on the factory control arm.
Pull it off. It looks pretty wimpy for a Gt500 control arm. 😛
If you are going to be welding the brackets then you need to remove the powder coating on the areas that will be welded.
You will also need to prep the factory mounting surface.
You will need to remove the panhard bar for placement of the new bracket.
Use the supplied white grease to lubricate the bushings.
After you test fit and then weld the brackets on then you can start to bolt on the new control arms. Just like FIK experienced in his install the brackets are just a little too tight. I used a very large pry-bar to pull it open just enough to get the control arms in place. Tighten to spec.
Bolt on the front.Tighten to spec.
I zip tied the e-brake cable to the arm. I tried to put in in the hole, much like the factory unit, but the SVE hole is not as large and it changed the angle too much to reconnect.
After you get all the parts back together then set it down and torque to specs.
  Finished Shot
Mustang Lower Control Arm  They look great installed on the car.