Swarr Bar Install

Swar Bar

Eric Swarr of Swarr automotive makes a very cool suspension product dubbed the Swarr bar. This is a very well designed performance modification that only takes minutes to install. The factory Ford 8.8 rear end axles tubes are prone to flexing or worse breaking off under repeated hard use such as drag racing.

The bar is 100 bolt on. It has two bolt holes that require drilling your rear differential if you want to attach those two mounting points. Otherwise it requires no other modification. So if you are looking for that little bit more positive engagement in your S-197 Mustang’s rear end then at $199 the Swarr bar is definitely worth picking up.

Swarr Bar The Swarr bar just pushes into place. It fit snugly enough to hold itself in place.
Swarr Bar Bolts There are eight bolts, four on each side,  that hold the two axle tube caps down tightly. Place all eight bolts in place before tighten them down.
Swarr bar cap Here is a close up of the axle tube caps.
Tighten down the eight bolts.
Place the bolts in the side holes.
Now the pumpkin mounts should be touching and you can drill through the pumpkin in order to bolt the swarr bar down. 
Repeat on the other side and tighten the bolts down.
Swarr Bar
Now your finished. Total time in the air was less than 1 hour. I can already feel a more positive power engagement. This should help out a lot at the drag strip.