Billet Battery Tie Down

Scott Drake Battery Tie Down 

Well I came across this Scott Drake Battery Mount Bracket and picked it up. I like to toss my Mustang around the corners and take it out to the road course, so I figured it needed a little extra hardware to help hold the battery down. This is the factory battery from Ford. It is a regular liquid filled battery. So its not really corner friendly. Someday when I upgrade I will go to an Solid Battery.

As will most aftermarket instructions they are a bit brief. These from Drake were no different. The instruction sheet still said 2008 on it. Overall I am not crazy that it uses the factory strap to hold one side however the front side and top are much stronger than factory. This will be a good thing on the track.

Here are the parts in the kit. 
First you need to disconnect the cables.
You will need to pull both sides.
Now you can pull your battery blanket.
Then you can get a 6mm socket and pull the hold down rod.
Then the block will pull up. 
Ford put in a cheap disposable nut. I used a small screwdriver to pry it open. You will have to re-use the block. 
Ok here is the somewhat cheesy part of it. You reuse the factory strap and clamp the rear side of the tie down. Just get it snug you will have to make it tight later.
Now you take the new rod and block and screw it down as tight as you can by hand. 
Then drop the billet block down onto the shaft. Note the rag on the positive terminal. You do not want to be touching it with anything metal.
Place the nut on the shaft and tighten. 
Slide the blanket back on. 
Now you can pull the strap tight and tighten the rear allen bolts with a 5mm wrench. You must put the back side on first.
Then you have to push a bit hard to get the holes to line up and then do the front side.
Billet Battery Bracket You can see the universal nature of the bracket. It is a bit larger than the battery.