DG Custom Auto Hood Strut Install

DG Custom Auto Hood Strut Kit
Hood and Fender Brackets Here are the brackets from the Mustang hood strut kit. They are built by DG Custom Auto.  These have been painted with carbon fiber hydro graphics.
Struts These are the two struts. They are very strong.
Fender Bolt Use a 10mm socket and remove the fender bolt nearest the windshield. Do one side of the car before moving to the other side.
Bottom Bracket Here is the bottom Bracket. NOTE This is shown upside down. I did not figure it out until I had the strut on it. Again the tall part faces down. NOT up as shown in this picture.
Top hood bolt The hood has two bolts on the hinge. Remove the top nut, that is the nut closest to the front of the hood.
Bottom Hood Bolt Then loosen the bottom bolt. That is the bolt closest to the rear of the hood. Do not remove! Only loosen enough to be able to allow the hood bracket to slide onto it.
Straight Bolt Be very careful when placing the top bolt back on. Make sure it goes in straight. Otherwise you will get it off angle and tear up the threads.
Bracket on hose off The ball will mount facing outwards. On the left side of the hood you will have to remove the factory washer nozzle fluid line. It has two plastic clips that you remove and then pull off the line itself.
Strut On Repeat on the other side and then pop on the struts. The struts are not side specific. Put the thin side down as to help keep moisture out of them.
Strut & Bracket Detail Here is the lower bracket strut location. Notice the lower bracket is in the correct position here.
Washer Fluid Line Zip Tied I then zip tied the fluid line to the bracket.
Half Closed Hood I chose the inside of the bracket to keep the line from the possibility of being pinched if mounted on the other side.
Hood Alignment If you did it right then the alignment will be spot on. Be very careful when closing your hood in case you have it incorrect..
Remove Factory Prop If you like you can remove your factory prop. You have to take out one radiator cover pin and then remove one bolt in order to pull it off. Then you can remove the retaining clip that the bolt went into.
Prop Hole You will not need this anymore. Enjoy your new Mustang hood struts. They really are a fantastic upgrade. They hold your hood up higher than the factory prop.