Fluidyne 3 Core 3 Pass Mustang Radiator

Fluidyne 3.7L Mustang Radiator Install
For the most part Superchargers and road racing do not mix well. Both superchargers and turbochargers compress air and thus increase the temperature of that air. Of course intercoolers (heat exchangers) are used to cool that air but still a lot of hot air gets into the engine making your regular cooling system work just that much harder to keep the engine at normal operating temps.

Fluidyne has built a new radiator for S197 Mustangs that is up to the task of keeping a forced induction engine cool under extreme conditions. Model number FHP30x-05MU3. Many aftermarket radiators do not have 3 cores nor do they have the in and outlets in the factory locations. I ran this radiator twice now and in both cases I was able to stay out on track for 25min at a time with my supercharged Mustang. I used to only be able to run on track about 15min before hitting 250 degree temps. But now I only reach 225-235 in the summer heat on a full 25 min session. This radiator is fantastic.

You can buy it from Kenny Brown Performance for $699 here.

Fluidyne 3.7L Mustang Radiator Install This radiator is a direct-fit replacement for V-8 and V-6 Mustangs in model years 2005 thru 2014. The GT500 has a different model number. FHP30x-07MU3
Stock Mustang Radiator Fluidyne 3.7L Mustang Radiator Install
Here is the factory 2011 Mustang Single core radiator. It has plastic end tanks. The Fluidyne is much thicker, but does not encroach into the engine bay any further. It is 100% aluminum. It has 18% more water tubes which makes it triple pass.
Stock Mustang Radiator Fluidyne 3.7L Mustang Radiator Install
 The louvered air fin used in these high-flow radiator core was specially designed to have a more aggressive ‘fin-pitch’ Resulting in an increase in heat-transfer achieved thru increased water tube and air fin capacity plus tripling the amount of exposure the water has to the cooling air.
STG_8786 STG_8772
Here you can see the thickness difference between the factory and the 3 core Fluidyne. Each new radiator comes with a Ground Lug and Zinc Anode for protection against Electrolysis. The MSRP for the Triple-Row and Triple-Pass radiator is $639.
GMC_6431 To Increase air flow through the radiator you will want to block off any open passages. Air takes the path of least resistance. If the air is not moving through the radiator then it can not cool it.
GMC_6433 I mocked it up with cardboard and then cut up an old rubber all weather mat.
GMC_6434 Here you can see the left side. It does go all the way down.
GMC_6436 Here is the right side. It is only open at the top because the intercooler piping is right in the middle.