JLT Performance 3.7L V6 Mustang Oil Separator Install

JLT Performance 3.7L V6 Mustang Oil Catch Can

Now that I pressurize the motor I am interested in catching some of the oil vapor that happens to blow by. All motors NA or FI will have some blow by oil. This is bad for high performance, and especially bad when optimal combustion is crucial. I wanted a black oil separator of course and American Muscle carries this sweet JLT Racing unit. JLT offers it in silver or black. They also offer it pre-configured for 5.0 or 3.7L Motors.

The JLT Oil Separator features billet aluminum construction with a black anodized finish. It has a 2 oz. holding tank which is easily removed for draining during oil changes, and is designed with a o-ring for a leak-free seal. This is more than just a catch can. A catch can would not allow the oil to separate and the air keep on moving through .

JLT Oil Catch Can Black JLT 3.7L Passengers side Oil Catch Can. This is plug and play. It has factory Ford ends for plugging directly in. It you spend more than 5 minutes installing this then your doing something wrong. 😛
JLT Oil Catch Can Here is the shot you never see. The can is off. You can see the metal mesh PCV pre-filter.
Factory 3.7L Mustang Passenger side PCV line Here is a shot of the factory 3.7L Mustang Passenger side PCV line. 
Factory 3.7L Mustang Passenger side PCV line Off Here is the proof. I pulled the line off and you can see the oil dripping down the side. The hose was also dripping with oil.
Here is the intake inlet. You can also see some oil on the lip. This oil catch separator is going to come in handy.
JLT oil catch can Slide on the valve cover side and hold the clip open and push it down.
JLT oil catch can Now slide on the intake manifold side. Press the clip and your done. Enjoy having less oil vapor in your intake!
Supercharger Option –  
JLT Oil Separator on Supercharged 3.7L v6 Mustang

I however needed to put the JLT Oil Catch Can on my supercharged 2011 3.7L V6 Mustang. The 5/8 line had an additional PCV valve so I had to get a smaller 1/2 hose and put that on the JLT unit and then to the valve cover.

It fits and looks fine. JLT on their website says it does not fit. And that is true if you use the Ford hose and ends. If you use standard hoses and clamps then it will attach fine.

JLT Oil Separator on Supercharged 3.7L v6 Mustang Here you can see the valve cover line. Everything is held down nicely with worm clamps. So if you have the 3.7L ProCharger supercharger then this is route you need to go.
JLT Oil Separator on Supercharged 3.7L v6 Mustang I look forward to see how much oil this catches especially after boosting and long track runs.
Here is an amount of oil that it caught after 5 Dyno Runs.