ProCharger Bullet Blow Off Valve Upgrade

 ProCharger Blow Off Valve comparison

I upgraded the blow off valve or bypass valve on my Supercharged 2011 3.7L V6 Mustang and wanted to do a ProCharger Blow Off Valve Comparison.The kit from ProCharger comes with the unit on the left. Its called a Proflow. Its designed as a bypass valve. Its very common to remove the tube that routes the discharged hot air back into the intake and let it vent to atmosphere.

I put a go pro camera under the hood and made a couple of short pulls under boost to see and hear the differences between the proflo valve and the bullet valve. I also have outside the car sound comparisons. See video below. Its hard to tell from the video but the bullet open valve is twice as loud as the proflo valve. The bullet valve is not for stealth or sleeper builds. It will let people know something is up. Also I think it will have a better seal to hold boost pressure better. Overall I am very happy with the upgrade.

ProCharger Proflo Blow Off Valve Here is the Pro Flo valve sitting behind the radiator fan under the supercharger. I have it venting to atmosphere. 
ProCharger Proflo Bypass Valve This is how the Pro Flow bypass valve operates. Note this is how you can test it. Open the valve via the lever and then hold your finger on the vacuum line inlet and it should not move. If it does then the diaphragm needs to be replaced.
ProCharger Bullet Open Blow Off Valve Here is the ProCharger Bullet Open Blow Off Valve in place. The valve inlet diameter is the same as the Pro Flow vale and simply replaces the other valve. Plug and play.
ProCharger Bullet Open Blow Off Valve You can test this valve in a similar fashion. Push it open and the cover the vacuum line with your finger.
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