Mustang Windshield Washer Nozzle Relocation

2011 Mustang Wiper Relocation After upgrading my hood to the RK Sport Ram air hood I had to relocate my windshield washer nozzles. The new hood did not come with mounting holes nor a way to really run the lines. Fords factory design is absolutely horrible. I mean who thought of mounting them on the hood? Its just downright wrong. It makes customization of your hood that much harder as well as having these ugly lines running onto the hood.

I looked at the CDC kit and thought that mounting them on the wiper arm itself was not much better so I ended up relocating them inside the lower cowling area.

 First pull of the nuts on the wiper arms.
Mine where on very tightly. I had to use a puller to get the arms off the grooved post. 
Pull both arms off.
Now pull both covers off. They may stick a little at the windshield.
I marked a location. Note They shoot a little high so I would choose a slightly lower location than this.
Then drilled out a hole and scuffed the surface so the glue would hold better.
Here is a close up of the wiper nozzle. I used this flat surface to apply glue to. 
Side close up of the wiper nozzle. 
Top shot of the factory nozzle. 

I used a bit of rubber hose and couplers to bring the fluid to the nozzles.

I ran the lines down into the cowling area. I zip tied them up so they would not get into the wiper motor arms.

As you can see I mounted it just below the valley (exterior) Again if I were to do this again I would mount this a touch lower.
Attach the lines. And then put it all back together.