EBC Sport Rotors Install


EBC sport rotors for Mustang

If you have ever put your car on track then you know after a few hard stops your brakes can start to fade. this means the friction of your rotor and pad are not functioning normally and they will not stop your car as it normally would. It will take much longer to reduce your speed. This translates into a longer stopping distance. On the track when you can not reliably predict your stopping distance then you can not make your proper turn ins for cornering.

Last year I was using EBC Blue Brake Pads and So I called up the guys at EBC and told them my factory brake rotors were not holding up to the high performance pads. They sent me a pair of their EBC sport rotors for Mustang. I have the 2012 GT rotor upgrade so I had them send a set of 13.3 inch rotors. EBC Part number GD7546

They are Zinc coated with slots and dimples for performance. The Zinc helps with rust and the slots and dimples help with heat and wet performance. Most brake pads these days do not gas any more. they are just dimples so you do not have to worry about cracking that come with fully cross drilled rotors. They cooling veins are also designed for maximum air flow. This come in handy especially if you have installed some brake cooling ducts.

At Hallet in June of 2012 These New EBC Sport rotors performed very well. Along with the brake ducts I had zero fade throughout the whole day. I did push them hard and had them smoking hot. but zero fade. I am very happy with them and drive on the street with them. EBC warns of some noise with these rotors and I am not sure if I hear it or not but it does not bother me. Maybe its hard to tell when the car has a bit of a ride change with all the suspension modifications that its hard to notice one more.

EBC Sport Rotors Here you can see the slots, dimples and cooling veins. 
ebc rotor compared to stock Here is a pic of the new EBC sport brake rotor compared to the stock 2012 brake rotor.
ebc rotor Follow your normal procedure for brake caliper removal. Then place your new rotor on the spindle. Remember do not let your caliper hang.
Replace brake caliper EBC recommends new pads with new rotors. Also be sure to push your caliper piston in before attempting to slide it on the rotor.
EBC Zinc Brake Rotor on Mustang Here is a shot of it before the wheel goes on. You can also see the Tockico D-spec shots and Eibach sway bar. 
EBC rotor with Painted Caliper Before i put the wheels on I painted the calipers with G2 caliper paint.
ebc rotor bedded in

Now to bed or burnish the rotors. Go out on an old highway where you can go from about 60 MPH to 10 MPH 8-10 times without stopping.

You will start to smell the brakes on the last two or so stops and then when you stop you should see brake pad material on the rotor, as seen here. Now you are ready to experience full braking performance.

EBC rotors tested at Hallet

Here I am at Hallet 2012 testing the EBC pads and Rotors. Brakes lights on. This is the long straight before turn 11. Speed is 110ish here before applying the brakes. 

I would recommend the EBC blue pads and EBC sport rotors to anyone taking their Mustang to the track.