G2 Color Matching Caliper Paint

G2 Caliper Paint on 3.7L Kona Blue Mustang

After another member of the site said they were about to paint their calipers with G2 matching caliper paint. Then I knew that this was the product for my Mustang. I was not excited about painting them bright red like many car owners. I am going with a subdued theme of black. However I did not want to go with a black color as that would just disappear with a black wheel.

Well G2 said they are no longer making Kona Blue so we decided Sonic Blue was close enough. Maybe a bit lighter so that it would show through well.  The paint went on nice and smooth. It did take two coats and I put a third on the high visibility areas.

I did not remove the calipers because I did not want to bleed the brakes. I also did not paint the back side of the calipers and in the end I had plenty of paint left over if I had chosen to do so. One note I would tell you to learn from my experience would be to stir your paint after a short while. My last caliper started to get a couple of bubbles in it. I chalk it up to the paint not being stirred, but it may have been other conditions.

It has a great show quality finish. Much better than the can of high temp caliper paint you pick up at the autoparts store. I am very happy with the G2 paint system. Note while I had the wheel off I upgraded the brake rotors to the new EBC sport rotors.

G2 Caliper Paint The G2 Kit comes all nicely packaged in a single box. These kits sell for $99
Inside the box you get a can of brake cleaner, the paint, reactor, brush, stir stick, and sticker. There was plenty here for the four stock Mustang calipers.

The Instructions are clear that once you add the reactor that you have 4-6 hours before it hardens. Its recommended to take off all 4 wheels before you start. 

You will need two coats and three maybe in some places. This job took me around 3 hours. So if you do not have 4 jack stands then you might want to invest in some.

Clean your calipers well using the supplied brake cleaner. Its special formula will not inhibit the paint drying.
For any stubborn spots you can use a wire brush to clean them.
Do all 4 and then by the time you get to the last caliper the first one will be dry.

Then when you are ready; mix the paint and start.

Here is the rear caliper finished. Once you reach the fourth caliper the first one will be dry enough to start your second coat.
G2 Caliper Paint on 3.7L Kona Blue Mustang Here is the front caliper finished.
Here is the front with the wheel back on. The black coating gone now.
Here is a close up shot. 
Close up of the rear caliper.
Here you can see the color of the car.