JLT Brake Cooling Kit Intstall


Install by tex46033

After I installed a new supercharger and intercooler, there wasn’t much lower grille real estate to work with on the front of my Mustang. In fact, the first standard rectangular brake duct I tried just wouldn’t fit in my lower grille. I don’t track my convertible, so I had to table the brake duct project until I discovered this JLT kit.

The JLT kit includes a custom aluminum backing plates, a 2.5″ brake cooling hose, a pair of Grille  Bezels, and all clamps and needed hardware. (Sorry, the one-piece aluminum driveshaft and radiator cap also in this first picture are not included.) You can buy the complete JLT brake cooling kit for $209. And the bezels are even sold separately for $69. The latter might be a good option if you’ve got another hose and brake backing plate you want to use.

Photo Mar 19, 8 37 01 PM Probably the most important step of the installation is selecting the right hole saw for the job. This next picture shows what an undersized hole looks like. It’s a lot easier to use a hole saw with the right diameter on the first attempt. The provided instructions spell it out clearly. You will want a 2&1/2” saw, the same diameter as the hose.
Photo Mar 18, 9 59 48 AM This next picture shows a key benefit of the round bezel design. Working from the inside of the grille,and carefully placing the hole in between your intercooler lines or other obstructions, you should be able to fit an opening for the air hose back to your front brakes. After you place and cut the hole, you just snap the bezel in place and attach the hose.
 Photo Mar 18, 10 52 43 AM Routing the hose back to the brake shield and securing it with zip ties is similar to other brake duct installations. Here’s a view of the connected right front duct hose.
Photo Mar 18, 10 52 38 AM The bezel comes in clear (silver satin) or black anodized. I chose the subtle black bezel. If you like a little more pop and bling, the satin may be what you want. It’s a good look too. Although the bezel is only 2.5” in diameter, you can see how the surrounding grill may naturally help catch a little bit more air similar to the way a larger rectangular inlet functions.
Photo Mar 18, 10 51 57 AM Because of the intercooler lines, my bezels could not be placed exactly in the center of the outer lower grille rectangles. I don’t even think they are precisely symmetrical. But I they look good enough and their precise placement does not affect their function much at all.
 Photo Mar 19, 8 17 14 PM From the front of the car the black bezels just blend right in, like they were part of the OEM design.
 Photo Mar 18, 12 52 28 PM Again, detailed installation instructions are provided with this kit. And although I had the good folks at Brenspeed in N. Webster, Indiana install my ducting, it is a very simple process that could be done in your home garage. There are other kits such that have some slight technical advantages for a dedicated track car, but for street performance, and especially with installation challenges, I found this to be a welcome and well-designed product.