Kenny Brown Brake Duct Kit

Brake Duct kit

I upgraded my brake cooling to the Kenny Brown front brake duct kit with silicone hose option. The silicone hose holds higher temps than the neoprene hose. At Road America I hit 1300 deg rotor temps and my neoprene hose did not hold up so well.

These should hold up better and offer more cooling for those demanding tracks.

Kenny Brown brake duct Here you can see the oval shape. The reason the shape is oval is so that all the air get into the center of the rotor. Other rounded designed inlets do not get 100% of the air flow to the center and is wasted.
Kenny Brown brake duct It reuses the three bolts that hold on your factory dust shields. 
Kenny Brown brake duct The kit comes with new front ducts, but I already had some on the car. I did however utilize the rest of the kit.
Kenny Brown brake duct Here you can see the entire left side. We used 4 zip ties to keep it held in place.
Kenny Brown brake duct I also had the wheel well splash shield cut just a bit to make room for the hose. 
Kenny Brown brake duct Here are both sides completed. I can not wait until I can try these out on track.
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