Weld RTS Black Wheels & Nitto NT05 Tires

Weld RTS wheel

When it comes to racing wheels for your street or strip car, we all want lightweight, strong, and good looking. The Weld Racing brand has been around for a long time and the company has a new line of wheels that come in fitments for just about any vehicle called the Weld Racing RTS series wheels. Weld says that these wheels are appropriate for anything from cruising, to drag racing, and autocross.

There are sizes and backspacing to clear just about any brake system out there and the wheels are machined out of 6061 forged aluminum alloy. The RTS wheels can be had in widths up to 18-inches and up to 20-inch diameters. Weld claims the RTS series are lighter, stronger, and faster than any other wheels on the market today.

Weld Racing brings its application flexible racing technology to the street with a budget friendly 3-pc modular wheel using a unique welded assembly process. This wheel has the classic Weld Racing 5-spoke star look and continues the Weld Racing tradition utilizing a forged billet center and cold forged rim shells. This wheel offers 3 mounting pad heights to clear specific drum and multi-piston opposed calipers.

This set they made for me is 10 inches wide. I am running Nitto NT05 Tires on the front and NT05R tires non the rear. The Nitto NT05 tire is a max performance tire that provides precise and responsive handling and performance. It has a continuous center section, plus large outer shoulder tread blocks that provide consistent contact with the road for a high-level of dry performance.
It is rated: UTQG Treadwear: 200 Traction: AA Temperature: A

 Weld RTS Mustang wheel They surpass SAE J2530 Aftermarket Wheel (Street) Standards

Center is available in polished or black anodized

Wheel widths from 4.5″ to 18″ with a wide variety of back spacings


Load rating of 1580 lbs per wheel (3160 lbs per axle)

Requires conical lugs. Will not accept 5/8″ drive stud.

Center cap and valve stem included

Made in Kansas City, USA

   Wheel center caps.
   Made right here in the USA.
   Quality American craftsmanship!
  Here is the sticker from the Rear tires.
   Look at all that beautiful tread!
   Huge Nubbies.
  This wheel tire combo is excellent! I would recommend them to anyone. 
  These are 18″ wheels and have large caliper clearance. They call it High Pad. See the pic below for their available Pad Heights.
Weld RTS Wheel Pad Hieghts
   52 lbs Wheel and Tire combo.
  Here is the Weld RTS 10″ wide 18″ tall Wheel clearance on the rear prior to the sway bar relocation. So with these wheels you would not need to relocate the rear anti-way bar.
  Here is a shot of the front wheel clearance. This is a 10″ wide wheel. 
  Here is a shot of the top of the front wheel. Its close but even with the tire it does clear. Again this is a 10″ wide wheel also.
Here is a gallery of the car with the Weld Black RTS Wheels and Nitto NT05 Tires.
  Weld Black RTS Wheels and Nitto NT05 Tires
  Weld Black RTS Wheels and Nitto NT05 Tires
  Weld Black RTS Wheels and Nitto NT05 Tires