2012 Hallet Testing Mustang Aftermarket Products on the Road Course

Sponsored by MRT and instructed by Track Guys.

I have a Highlight video put together of that day. I tried to keep it short and sweet. The Camera’s are GoPros. They have a very wide angle lens so speed and distance are a bit distorted. Youtube did some auto stabilization and it made the edges move at times. Please ignore a couple of sloppy shifts. 😛

Again this year the number one comment was the sound of the Exhaust. I have a Basanni exhaust system Header all the way back. It sounds deep and throaty yet not too loud for a daily driver car.

To start off I have to thank all the sponsors for helping me make Hallet 2012 road course a fantastic day of road racing while testing their products. This time I was testing EBC blue brake pads and EBC sport rotors against last year only having EBC brake pads. I was also aided with a set of brake ducts from Full Tilt Boogie Racing.

Also this trip I took my Weld RTS wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05 Rubber. They helped Grip the track much better than a regular street tire. To top it off I had the Wavetrac rear differential and Moser Axles to put all of that supercharged power to the ground.

Last year on these hot June Hallet runs I was over heating around lap 6 in 8 lap sessions. So I talked to Chris Jones over at Prolubricants.com here in KC and we decided to test out some Evans Coolant.  I have an article on installing the Evans Coolant on the 3.7L Mustang.

This coolant is great stuff. It has a boiling temp of 375 deg F and does not create as much pressure as regular coolant. As temps rise the Evans coolant remains a low pressure liquid that continues to pull heat away from the engine.. This allowed me to run a bit hotter than I normally could. The car started to read hot around 240 deg and I pushed it to about 255 deg by the end of the session. I have to say the Evans coolant was a great peace of mind.

For those of you not familiar with Hallet Motor Racing Circuit. It is a 1.8 mile, 10 turn Road Racing course in the rolling Osage Hills of North Eastern Oklahoma. It has over 80 feet of elevation change and is considered technically difficult. It has wide, grassy run-off areas and zero concrete or Armco barriers.

The Mid America Ford Meet is held in June at Tulsa and they have part of the event at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit. The Temps are usually in the 90’s and track temps are going to be hotter. I know my Air Intake temps were at 127 deg F. at one point when I could look at the gauge.

Last year I had a set of EBC blue brake pads and they helped a lot. However still after 6 laps they started to fade. I talked to EBC and they sent me a set of their slotted and drilled sport brake rotors in a Black Finish. They are not fully drilled only dimpled. This helps with cleaning, shedding water and cooling. The cooling fins of this EBC rotor have been designed to move more air into the pads over a stock rotor.

To further aid in brake cooling I also added a set of brake ducts off of the new Roush Front Bumper. With the existing DOT 4 fluid and these new EBC Blue pads and 13″ EBC Rotors and Full Tilt brake ducts I ran all 8 laps and never experienced brake fade. Now after pulling off my brakes were smoking hot and I had to drive around to let them cool off, but zero fade.

I was very happy with the braking performance. If you have not followed my upgrades to know I have a set of 2012 13.2″ Mustang GT brake rotors. Then you can see that brake upgrade here. Later in the day I was privileged to experience a set of 14″ Bembos from a BOSS 302 Mustang and could tell a large difference in the braking. The caliper for that system is a huge improvement over the stock Ford Caliper.

To further aid in my track performance I wrapped my Weld RTS wheels with Nitto NT05 rubber. Weld has certified these lightweight racing wheels for road course use and they held up fine to the G-force loads this rather heavy car placed upon them. The 18X10 RT-S wheels are built to clear large brake calipers for autocross and road-racing. The Nitto NT05 274/40 tires performed extremely well. The brakes go their job but the tires are what in contact with the road.

The Nitto NT05 is a maximum performance summer tire that has very wide tread blocks. The 200 tread wear soft soft rubber give incredible straight line and cornering grip. The tires communicated the track very well. Corners felt great with a bit a squeal when pushed to the limits. Going clockwise around turns 4 and 1 at high speed you can feel the sidewalls giving just the right amount to allow the car to move yet stick to the pavement.

I have 275/40R18 Tires and they definitely felt and performed better than my stock tires that came on the car that I drove with last year. If you are a true performance enthusiast and plan to see some track time as still drive home on them, then the Nitto NT05 is definitely for you.

To aid in putting the power down I have a set of rear axles from Moser and their Wavetrac differential. The axles are more of a drag racing item but can also give you piece of mind when pushing the car hard on the race track.

The Wavetrac® Rear Diff could be felt in the tight corners. Such as turns 3 and 9. When exiting a turn and getting back on the power you could feel the inside wheel pushing hard. This is unlike a standard posi rear differential that pulls power to the inside wheel and lets it roll free. 

With that inside wheel pushing hard it made you feel like you were in a car that really wanted to get you the best lap time possible. While it did take a while to get used to that new push it never felt like it was too much nor going to create any stability issues.In my opinion I think that power would have a greater resistance to over steer.

I have Eibach springs, swaybars and D-spec Shocks on the car and they performed very well. I set the Shocks to two turns on the front and 3 in the rear. The car felt great. It gave all I could ask from it under braking, acceleration and cornering.

As you can see from the pics the body roll and body dive is a lot less than last year. The only thing to try and accomplish now is a big brake kit upgrade.

I was fortunate enough to have Jeff Lacina from Track Guys ride in the car to help improve my lines. this helped a lot. He also took me for a ride in a Kenny Brown upgraded Boss 302 with full slicks. This was a hold on with two hands kinda ride.

Thanks to Jeff, and this last photo is the MRT TKO 3.7L V6 Mustang on track. Thanks MRT for sponsoring the Saturday Hallet Mustang event!


3.7L Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
MRT 3.7L V6 Mustang at Hallet
Hallett Track Map