First 3.7L Mustang in the 12’s Also beats 2011 5.0 Mustang

2011 3.7L V6 Mustang Drag Run at Kansas City International Raceway.

After weeks of weather delays the run finally came. Its not quite as fast as I was hoping for, but its a respectable number. 12.5 @ 112.8 1.9 launch. Right after this run I hit a 1.8 launch but heard a clunk in the rear end so I backed off. That could have been a 12.2 or 12.3 run. Everything was fine. I think I bottomed out and hit the rear diff. 

Temp was in the high 60’s I was launching at 5K RPM. TC and SC off. I was only able to get 4 runs in as the track was very busy!

The top camera did not get turned on for this run. Also the audio near the end is from the gopro camera and its a few frames (fraction of a second) off. These cameras are not time-synced. Otherwise you would have terrible audio of the last half of the run.

I think with a few adjustments and tweaks I can get this time on down. So stay tuned.

I have to thank Nitto for the NT05R tires and Weld Wheels for the black RTS wheels (I got a lot of compliments on the wheels), Darryl Bassani for the full exhaust system. Check out my other video for more exhaust sounds. BMR suspension for a upper rear control arm, Barton short throw shifter, Shaftmasters for a 1 piece aluminum drive shaft, and of course ProCharger for the supercharger kit.

Check out my other video where I beat a new 2011 5.0 Mustang with a 12.6 run. Supercharged 2011 3.7L Mustang versus 2011 5.0 CS Mustang. Before you start any flame wars know that the 3.7L mustang has about 80-90 more RWHP than the 5.0.

I have to also thank all my friends from work and the MC Racing guys for helping prepare this car.

2011 v6 mustang beats 2011 5.0 mustang

12.5 second Timeslip

12.5 Second Timeslip


12.6 Sec Run Timeslip

12.6 Sec Run Timeslip

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