The 3.7L Mustang Takes On Hallet Road Course

2011 Supercharged V6 Mustang 

Part of the 2011 Mid America Ford Meet in Tulsa was road race events at Hallet OK. It is a 1.8 mile, 10 turn Road Racing course. Located just 35 miles west of  Tulsa, OK. Hallet is one of the region’s most popular motor racing tracks. It has over 80 feet of elevation change and is considered Technically Difficult. If you ever get the chance to run here you will not be disappointed.

I had a fantastic time running here. They had it set up to run clockwise on this day. I have to say it was really nice and I think I like it better than counter clockwise. I prepped the car with EBC blue pads on all four wheels and used my stock wheels and Pirelli tires. The car handled very well and I was able to perform quite respectably for a car on street tires. As a fact I was never passed by another street car only full race prepped cars. And you can imagine some of the big V8 Shelby’s were less than happy getting passed by a V6 car.

The roar of the Bassani exhaust system garnered a lot of attention. As I went around the track people started coming out to the fences to see what was making this different noise. The 3.7 motor really has a sound of its own and Darryl Bassani made is sound as best as it could.

I was able to make 5 20 minute run sessions. Later in the afternoon the 100+ F track temps was a bit on the hot side for a supercharged car. However as soon as I pulled in the pits it cooled right off. This car handled very well. Justin From LRS also took his 3.7L Mustang out on track the day before and had similar fantastic results.

There were 3 straits in which I hit triple digit speeds. The Mustang EBC blue brake pads did very well. I was quite impressed with them. Now after a few laps they still would start to fade a bit. I have a brake duct cooling kit but was unable to get it installed before this event. I was also using Valvoline Dot 4 semi-synthetic fluid and by the end of the day I had a soft pedal.

I can’t wait to go back!

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Here is the layout of the Hallet track.
Down in Turn 9.
Catching back up to the pack in turn 2 and 3
Here is a new 5.0 That was pretty evenly matched. This shot is in turn 4.
Under braking going into turn 9.

The 3.7L Mustang Takes On Hallet Road Course
Video of 1 session.