CFM Puts a 3.7L Mustang into the 10’s

In the pursuit to push the new 3.7L mustang to new heights the team over at Central Florida Motorsports just put a 3.7L V6 Mustang into the 10 second quarter mile. With a world record of being the first into the 10’s they hit a 10.89 at 125.3 MPH. This new Ford Mustang platform is a wonder to behold. The 2011 plus V6 Mustangs make 305 HP from the factory and with the addition of a ProCharger supercharger are capable of 10 second quarter mile runs and still have great fuel economy having 20+ miles to the gallon.

It also feels great to shut up so many V8 owners who never gave a V6 motor any respect. This new 3.7L motor outperforms most of the older Mustang V8 motors of the past. With a few bolt ons and a tune this car is a serious drag racer. Using a Procharger D-1sc @ 13lbs of boost this Yellow Blaze Mustang is making over 500 RWHP. The car also has; Circle D Converter, 50/50 Water/Meth injection, BBK Long Tubes, BBK X-pipe connected to Magnaflow Cat-back exhaust, 4.10 rear gear, Steeda Upper Rear Control arm and bracket, DSS driveshaft, and an custom tune from Chris Johnson at SCT. The Motor is stock and they used MT ET Streets to grip the track. Dyno Tune and ProCharger from Lamotta Performance

CFM tests and develops their own custom aftermarket products for the 3.7-liter V6 Mustang so check the CFM Facebook page for updates. They are the fastest to date in a 3.7-L V6 Mustang, with American Muscle the first to reach the 11′s in their 3.7L Mustang and your own V6 Mustang Performance website Author the first to hit the 12’s.

Here is the video of the 10 second run.

CFM 10 Second 3.7L Mustang Timeslip