Hi Everyone: A Tale of Three Mustangs

Hello everybody! I’m Kelly. I’m a librarian, a professional photographer, and a Mustang lover. I’m currently on my third Mustang – and while it took me over 10 years to finally get the car of my dreams, she was well worth the wait.


This was my first ‘stand. She was an ’89, a manual trans, and she was beautiful.

Actually, if we’re being honest here, her top occasionally didn’t work and her tape deck ate my mix tapes sometimes – but I loved her all the same. She was an amazing first car, and she began a lifelong Mustang obsession. Sadly, I only got to keep her for 3 months before she was totaled in an accident (which was not my fault, by the way). I vowed that every car after her would be manual, a convertible, and a Mustang if at all possible.


This was my second baby. She was a while coming after the ’89, and I loved her to death. Towards the end of our time together she fell apart a little. Her top leaked, the power steering pump was iffy, the clutch was failing, and she smelled of mold. We had an epic run together, and while I would loved to have given her the repairs she needed, I was saving up for this…




I was the 5.0 July 2014 Babe Of the Month. You can see my gallery on the home page.

On an awesome day in October, I ordered this baby. On December 13th, I had the pleasure of picking her up. I’ve been babying her ever since.

She’s a ’14 V5 Premium. I of course had to have the comfort package for those chilly New Jersey winter evenings, and I have to admit, they make the drive to work much more pleasant. While I thought the pony projector lights were over the top at first, I have to admit that I adore that feature now.

And that, my friends, is a tale of three Mustangs.

Hopefully I’ll get to write to you all about my experiences with my baby. I already have many thing to share, so I look forward to ‘meeting’ all of you!