Supercharged Shelby GTS 3.7L Mustang Review by Motortrend


Motor Trend Just did a review of the Shelby GTS. If you are not familiar with this car it is a 2011 3.7L Mustang that gets some body work and suspension modification along with an optional procharger supercharger installed. The review was a bit hard on the Sheby car. For the most part I agree, why pay $50 grand for a modified V6 when you can just go get a GT500 for around the same price and have even greater performance.

The biggest rub in this purchase is Shelby American is charging its customer $9,200 for a $5,100 ProCharger supercharger kit. Really Shelby $4 grand for the install?!? Do we get lifetime warranty with that? Another huge expense is the larger Baer brakes. While these are nice, 99% of the people buying them, don’t need them. They are purely for looks. If you want an occasional track day car then put on a set of nice brake pads. This would save you another $2 or $3 thousand dollars. If you made these two changes then you would be at a total of $43K and now could justify it by not being comparable to the GT500.

This article goes on to say and I quote “boosts output to a claimed 475 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque” Well the word claimed makes it sound rather unproven. Maybe motor trend should check out ProCharger’s website or the dyno sheets when my V6 was just supercharged for proof of the 475 flywheel HP. Their comparison to the regular GT model is pretty good also. Except for they forgot to mention that You could build a supercharged 2011 mustang and still come in under the price of a GT.

It was nice to hear that they not only drag raced the car but put it through some road tests as well. The V6 mustang does handle remarkably well for a stock car. With some minor upgrades you are looking at a serious SCCA or road course pony. In the end I agree with the MT author. You can build the same car essentially for a lot less money. But to some the Shelby name is worth the extra $7K. Overall it was a well done article!

Photos are from the Motor Trend Article. To see a picture of my car next to this one read my other Shelby GTS Article.