When People Steal Your Center Caps

Like most Mustang owners, I am obsessive about my car. Obsessive enough to do what I lovingly refer to as ‘walk arounds’ each time I leave a parking lot to check for dings. It is probably not healthy, but my car is truly one of my great joys. She gets a wash and vacuum once a week, a wax every month, and I generally keep her spotless.

You can imagine the tantrum I threw about 2 months ago when somebody stole a center cap off my rim.

I was washing the car when I noticed one of the tri-bar ponies was missing. I attempted to retrace every step I’d taken in the past week since the last wash, and was extremely irritated that I hadn’t noticed earlier. When had it gone missing?! After fuming for far longer then I care to admit, I went online, ordered a new center cap – and anxiously awaited it coming in. I figured that the theft was probably a one-off. There couldn’t possibly be scum bags that steal center caps regularly – could there be? Never.

When I got the cap I popped it into place. Done. My Mustang was perfect again and all was right with the world.

This past Saturday I was showing off my car to a friend, when I noticed that ANOTHER center cap was missing. It was a different wheel this time. The vein in my neck started pulsating. It was one thing to have a center cap taken. It was another to have it happen again 2 months later. I seethed.

Here is a sad, cap-less wheel.


Once again back online I went to order another center cap. Based on the amount of negative energy I was sending out, I’m pretty sure whoever took the cap probably dropped dead. One center cap isn’t that expensive. Buy two center caps and it starts to get really irritating.

Here is the (second) new cap.




My initial brilliant idea was to write messages and hide them inside the hollow of the cap (example: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. NO REALLY, I DO.) but I don’t really want the car keyed and the cap stolen.

Has anyone else ever been plagued by this kind of petty annoying theft? Should I glue these things in?