A multi-system tune up for your Mustang


For the weekend track warriors who drive your mustang harder than normal, you might find yourself worrying a bit more about carbon build up in your engine. With the pedal to the metal, pushing your Mustang at the drag strip or at the road course uses more fuel than cruising on the highway. Using larger quantities of fuel at high RPM is going to create more carbon build up on your fuel injectors, valves, and pistons. This carbon build up will eventually reduce performance.

A fuel injector cleaner is a good way to go to help remove deposits to keep fuel flowing freely to the combustion chamber, should you choose to use this fuel additive on a regular basis. But you will need to use a bottle of the heavy duty cleaner every now and again that utilizes a higher amount of cleaning detergents to keep the health of the entire fuel system in working order. Gumout’s Multi-System Tune-Up is one such product.

I trust the Gumout brand because they have proven results. They tested their product with Jesse Parther Motosports, an SCCA race team. The team had two cars, one used the system cleaner and one car did not. At the end of the season the car that did not use the cleaner had significantly more carbon deposits.


I also like the Gumout brand because they sponsor both drag racers and Mustang drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr.
The Gumout Multi-System Tune-Up is made for either your gas tank or your crankcase. It’s also safe for Supercharged and Turbocharged motors. I know my 3.7L Supercharged V6 Motor is in need of it. I have used some fuel injector cleaners before but in the twenty-two thousand miles I have put on the car, I have not one used a heavy hitter fuel system cleaner. Gumout recommends to use it every oil change. I am certainly going to use it more often.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gumout. The opinions and text are all mine.