Mustang Cover

Mustang Car Cover 
If you ever find yourself with having to leave your Mustang outside then having a car cover can surely save your paint from all sorts of issues. Here you can see how it lays out. The front is labeled and then you can roll it on back. This cover is from It is the ultimate model with the fleece lining. It includes the car cover kit, 3 microfiber towels, storage bag and lock. It comes with a 7yr warranty.
Car Cover Locking Cable Here is the Cable lock kit with the additional three microfiber towels included. 
Car cover bag This is how it arrives. It includes a tie and storage bag.
cover cable hole Here is a close up of the reinforced locking cable hole in the side.
There is an elastic lip on the front so it holds nicely under the front lip. This cover had no problem fitting on my Roush bumper with lower splitter.
Mustang Car Cover Here you can see the cover installed with the optional gust straps attached. See their accessories section for them.
Here is a close up of the optional gust straps.  There are clips that hold onto the cover and then bungee cords that connect the two clips together and thus holding the cover on tight.
The back side also has an elastic band to hold it down under the lower valence completely.
Seat Warmer I also opted for the additional heated seat cushion. Heated seats was a feature Ford left out of the Mustangs even with the Premium interior package. 
It has straps with hooks to help hold it firm to the seat. The hooks are much nicer than just straps alone.
You can plug it into the console 12V plug. It has a high and low setting. Note that when plugged in it does draw power. So do not leave it plugged in.
The back is a bit short but it gets the job done. Definitely nice in these Northern temps. I have put it to good use several times already.