EBC Brakes BlueStuff NDX Pads Reviewed

EBC BlueStuff NDX Pads Reviewed

By MG (Smike)

Had to the time to install the EBC BlueStuff NDX pads along with ST Suspension. Drove car for 4 days lightly around town/work before bedding the pads with speed/heat.

This Mustang package came stock with OEM Performance Friction street pads (not the Z-Rated, but a compound between full street and the Zs). An upgrade over the OEM base pads. But still left the driver lacking great cold bite and response.

The NDX pads are designed for street and track usage for heavier platforms. Meant to give the driver cold bite and progressive feel for cars that need to come to a complete stop (v. aggressive speed scrubbing without stops (eg. track day)). With driver my Mustang is in the 36xx range. NDX is the perfect application for the Mustang.

For those wondering about the YellowStuffs, I run YellowStuff pads on my Time Trial SVT Focus. Its a much lighter car (2815 with driver).

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These NDX pads deliver exactly what they promise. Great cold bite and more bite as the you work heat into the system.

Some squeak after pads got hot. Zero noise on the street unless you really heat them up (like an autocross). Dust is was low and easily washed off after the autocross. In the 5 days post event, I have yet to clean the wheels. Dust is lower on street use.

In the autocross, pads had bite and consistency throughout the day. With a co-driver and ambient heat in the 90s (course temps in the 100s) there was zero fade after 12-15 autocross runs. Co-driver took 3rd in PAX and I took 4th. We both noted that you could brake late with confidence. Positive pedal pressures with smooth release.

Still finding that the EBC pads have been keeping their promise and delivering across multiple car types and racing. Very happy to run them.

EBC BlueStuff NDX:

You can read the EBC Blue Mustang Brake Pad Lead Story as well as see some close up pictures.

Front Pads:
Part Number: DP51740NDX
 Rear Pads:
Part Number: DP51741NDX

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