Road Wrap and Rug Wrap Protection Film

Road Wrap

When you are drag racing, road racing, autocrossing, or taking a long road trip and you want to protect your Mustangs paint then you might take a look at road wrap. Road Wrap is a disposable film that applied to your car to protect it from rocks, bugs, tire tread and other items that can damage your Mustang’s paint.

You are only supposed to leave it on a short time, This is usually not a problem for me it started to peel up at the ends a bit. But for the most part it worked fine. I did not place it on my lights. I have heard some people say it melts a bit to headlights and then is very hard to get off.

When I pulled it off the paint I saw no issues. Overall I am very happy with it and plan to use it often.

Road Wrap This is the 18″ X100 ft box
Road Wrap This is the 6″ X 100 ft box.
Road Wrap Before heading to the drag strip you can apply it to he area that will be getting hit hard from flying rubber. 
Road Wrap on a Mustang I used the smaller roll and made 3 strips.
Road Wrap  As you can see it does not stick too tightly. but it does catch the flying rubber and save you from having to clean it off your Mustang.

Road Wrap

I would also say that your luck if it last the  whole nigte.
Road Wrap used at the drag strip This is a lot of tire that came off from just one night at the drag strip. 
Road Wrap used on the road You can also use it to protect front surfaces on road racing, HPDE Events, Autcross events, or even long road trips. 
Road Wrap used on the road Just think all the bugs this will catch on a long road trip especially if you are traveling at dusk.