Raxiom Black Projector Headlights

Raxiom makes an aggressive looking halo headlight kit for the 2010 and newer V6 Mustang. Take a look at these new 2010-11 pictures and installation details.

If you like a slightly more aggressive look in your headlights then the Raxiom Black Projector Headlights could be the right modification for you. The team over at American Muscle sell this headlight kit as well as a normal chrome version.  They are designed to fit the 2010 and newer V6, and GT model Mustangs. I really like how the halo effect sets your car apart from the numerous stock mustangs out there. I chose the black to go with my black grill and other black accent colors. I like how the whole front end is looking dark and mean. These headlights are currently selling for $325 per pair and are not very difficult to install. Take a look at the detailed write up I have on these Raxiom Black Projector Headlight Installation.

Here is the gallery of pictures with the new Raxiom Black Projector Headlights!

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