DTC CODE P0019 Crank Sensor Issue

The repair was discovered by V6MP Member Nitro444 He was getting DTC CODE P0019 Error and had a hard time getting to the bottom of it. Here is what he found.

3.7L Crank Gear Shaft

The problem consists in the gear connected to the crankshaft. The gear is pinned to the crankshaft, the pin that holds the gear and the crankshaft in place was completely deformed and demolished in the process the crankshaft pin hole deformed. Possible solutions are exchange crankshaft, replace the pin with a new pin or get a bigger pin and re-drill the crankshaft with the new pin measurements.

The cause of the problem was hitting rev limiter too many times.
Hitting the rev limiter while at the end of a gear or failing to switch gears remaining in neutral and stepping on the gas over revving the engine. Preventive measures to prevent this from happening in the future would be to set your neutral RPM to 4000. This will prevent you from over accelerating in case you missed shift. It turns out the pin that holds the bottom timing gear with the crankshaft is very small and weak. Over revving the engine over time will create this problem or possibly worse. If the pin would have completely broken off, bent valves would have been inevitable!

3.7L crank shaft Gear Pin Hole 3.7L Motor Crank Shaft Gear Pin Hole
How tall the pin should be
  The Pin was almost sheared in half.