Road America Track Day #2

3.7L Mustang at Road America

The North Woods Shelby Mustang Club held their annual Road America Track Day.This was my second time at Road America. I ran in the intermediate class. I managed mostly sub 3 minute laps my best being a 2:52. I beat my time from last year, but unfortunately had a poor brake pad compound and underperformed the whole time. A Porsche 911 typical time is about 2:45.

And there were 3 in my group and this was about the times they would run.The ProCharger supercharger held up fine under these harsh conditions, and this year I was prepared with a larger radiator to keep up with that much boost time. The Fluidyne 3 Core 3 Pass Radiator held up perfectly. I could stay out the full 25min sessions and the max temperature was 224 deg F. This is spectacular, last year I would run about 15 min and hit 255 deg F before I would have to pull it off track. Thank you Fluidyne for an amazing product. I could not be happier with it. I was able to log these temps with an SCT livewire unit. You can see it in the in car video. It is a very handy gauge.New this year was a set of Nitto NT01 Tires and with the lighter Forgeline GA1R wheels. The Nitto Tires were fantastic especially in turn 9. The carousel, this sustained 1+G corner really puts them to the test and I was able to gain ground on several cars in this turn. They are rated around 100 tread wear and gave me all the grip I needed. The Forgline wheels are ultralight and look awesome. I love how the car looks on track with these wheels.I also came with a new Wilwood Brake Package. 6 Piston of Front and 4 Piston in the rear. Unfortunately I was not able to push them as hard as I would have liked. We chose a brake pad that really could not hold up to Road America. So lessons learned I will be back next year with a much better compound pad.Another big addition was the Tremec T-56 Magnum XL transmission. I was able to drive RA shifting very smoothly at any RPM and never had to worry about it falling apart. The gearing was very good for RA and I used 3rd and 4th most of the time. I would downshift to 2nd on occasion like turn 5 in able to power up the short hill. I want to give a special thanks to Modern Driveline for developing the kit for the 3.7L Market!I also felt confident with the additional Kenny Brown Front suspension parts installed. The car handled amazingly well. So well I just drove without having to think or feel any loss of confidence in the handling. I yanked it around turns 5 and 6 very quickly and never had the car oversteer or understeer. I was free to worry only about the braking issues.


Another Mod for this year was Strange Engineering’s Rear Floater kit. Yes they do make some parts other than drag racing. This serves two purposes. It allows the car to put its weight on the rear housing and not the axles themselves. This makes the resistance to rolling much less, it also allows you to mount the floating brake kit. The rear Wilwood brakes now will not have the brake pads knocked around when you take turns. This is very beneficial as without it you are wasting a fraction of a second while the piston pushes the pad back onto the rotor. Plus the system is far safer with a harder axle and if it does break your wheel will not fly off.

I can not wait until 2015 so I can get back out there and improve my lap times. Check out the video below for lots of action. As you can see I have yet to use all of the road so my goal is to drop another 7 seconds in 2015. The NW Shelby Club is very organized and the track days are nicely done. These are great learning experiences and I always have a great time.

road america map
V6 Mustang Road Racing The car with all its mods is a fantastic road racing platform.
V6 Mustang Road Racing Downhill into turn 5.
V6 Mustang Road Racing Even with the 400lb Eibach Springs you still get a bit of body roll.
V6 Mustang Road Racing The #42 Meatball magnet is from Firestorm Graphix.
[mycred_video id=”uFEnKtQoZSc” width=”601″ height=”338″ logic=”interval” amount=”3″ interval=”120″]
Here is a great action packed video of the fun I had at Road America 2014. I mounted 3 cameras to the car and saw lots of action. Thanks for watching.


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