2011 Mustang 19in Stock Wheel Comparison

Both the 2011 V6 Mustang with the performance package option and the 2011 California Special come with a factory 19inch wheel from FORD. These are very sharp wheels. They are both painted the v6 pp wheel is black (BR3K1007CA) and the CS wheel is a dark gray (BR3J1007AA). I was a bit surprised to find that Ford has these wheels made in China. I guess I should not be. 😛

The V6 Performance package wheel comes from the factory with a Pirelli 255/40 “P Zero” Tire. This is a Z rated 200 treadwear summer tire. If I am going to do anything in the winter I was going to need some new tires. I found a guy on the internet who was selling his brand new stock 19″ wheels and tires from his 2011 California Special mustang. It is essentially the same wheel but painted gray and has the letters GT etched into one spoke.

The California special set of wheels came wrapped with Pirelli 245/45 “P Nero” tires. They are Z rated 400 Treadwear M&S tire. They sit about 1″ taller than the 255/40 tire on the same size rim. This will be great for throwing off the speedometer reading. The Pirelli P Zero tires are very nice. I have pushed them around a bit on wet and dry and have been very happy with them. They have picked up a couple of small rocks