2011 Mustang Front Bumper Removal Guide

Many Jobs require removal of the front bumper. So I have created this page as a separate article.
On Jacks At some point you have to get under the car so go ahead and put the front end up on jack stands.
Radiator Cover The mustang radiator cover has 8 plastic clips that you remove. These cost $3.75 each so be careful with them.
Radiator Cover Clips they have a notch that you can get a small screwdriver into and pull them up.
Radiator Cover Clips They are actually in two parts, once you lift the top part then you can pull the bottom part off the car.
Lift off the radiator cover Then the cover lifts right off.
Radiator cover off Here is a shot with the cover completely off.
Bumper Top bolt Then you can remove the two bolts on the top of the bumper.
Side Bolts Then move to the two bolts on the inside of the fender.
Bottom Bolts Moving to the bottom we have 9 small bolts to remove to drop the under-tray.
9 bottom bolts I find that a 1/4 ratchet works well under the car.
Bottom Tray My under-tray has a hole in it for my intercooler pipe. But this is what the whole assembly looks like.
bumper lights Now you have access to the marker and fog lights. Just remove the harness plugs from both sides.
bumper sensor Also remove the front sensor. Mine has been relocated but the factory locatoin is in this same area.
Pull Bumper Tabs Now grab the top end of the bumper and pull towards you and release the 3 tabs that are snapped in.
Bumper Tabs Here is what they look like. They make a bit of a snapping noise but they will not break.
Bumper Top Clips Now pull up on the top clips and pull forward and the bumper will come off. have a place prepared to set it. It is not heavy but a bit large and bulky.
Bumper Off The bumper is off.
Bumper Off The paint will scratch easily so set the bumper in a place that will be clear and safe. And then set your cat on guard duty!