Washing Your Mustang FAST!

Do you have an impromptu car show or event to attend with your mustang?  Wash her quickly with these instructions!


Rinseless Car Wash (Optimum)


Microfiber Sponge


Waffle Weave Towel OR Shammy

Tire Shine of your choice


1. Soak the car with water.  Add recommended amount of Rinseless Car Wash to the bucket.

Fill the bucket up with water.

2.  Submerge both the Microfiber Sponge and the Rag in the Wash and water.

3.  Using the Sponge, wash the horizontal surfaces, windshield, and backwindow first.  **On a particularly hot day, go ahead and dry them with the Waffle Weave Towel or Shammy.  Wring out the Towel or Shammy after each use.

4.  Now wash the vertical surfaces of the car in sections.  First, do the front end, then the front quarter panels, front doors, back quarter panels, etc.  Remember, you can do this in whatever order you prefer.  The idea is to quickly wash and then dry each area as you wash it to minimize water spotting.

5. Check the vehicle for renegade areas that were missed in the initial drying process.  **Special Tip:  For underneath the taillights and the windows, simply use compressed air or your breath to push the remaining water from the crevices.  Definitely not fool-proof, but it will do the trick.

6.  Use the submerged Rag in your bucket to clean the rims of the vehicle (and the wheel wells).

7.  Finally, apply your preferred Tire Shine to the tires.

8.  DONE!

This process generally takes me 30 minutes.  For some people it will take less time, I am relatively new to the process of thoroughly washing a vehicle.   Some of these instructions were shared with me by a friend of mine who details and restores cars.  As far as the products mentioned above, any of them can be substituted, but I highly recommend a Waffle Weave Towel.  This product has done the BEST job of keeping water spots to a minimum.  Just make sure that you wring it out often while you are using it!  DO NOT use dish soap on your mustang.  It is not recommended for keeping your wax job beautiful.  In fact, when you go to use clay bar on the car you will wash the car in dish soap to remove old wax.  Then, you’ll wax it again.  That’s for another article!   Car washes are not recommended for your mustang either as they will create and worsen the “spider-webbing” effect that you see in paint.


Author: Lisa (Trinity2011)

Lisa & Trinity