Front Sway Bar Temporary Disconnect for Drag Racing

If you want to get just a little more performance from you car at the drag strip you can unhook your front sway bar and this will let your front end rise up a little more than it normally would with it attached. This will put more weight back down on the rear end where it needs it for traction.
  Jack your car up and put it on stands then pull your front wheels. then jeck your lower control arm so that you release the tension on the sway bar end link.
  Put a wrench on the back and then remove the nut. 
   Here it is with the nut removed. You can see that the end link is not bound up.
Pull it out and then use some wire to tie it to the brake line bracket. You can do this at home before you head out to the track. But be warned you may not want to take any hard corners. Your front end will be a bit looser than with it attached.