UPR Black Billet Hood Pins

A Real Hood Pin kit is a great upgrade for anyone with an aftermarket hood that is still relying on the stock latch to hold the hood in place.

The hood latch on an aftermarket carbon fiber or fiberglass or other material hood has a high chance of coming off at some point in time. So why take the chance of it coming lose and flying open when you can install a real hood pin kit and not worry about it. Plus it will give your car that race inspired look. The stick on style hood pins can look good, in a clip on tie sort of way, but serve absolutely no functional purpose. Spend the extra $40 on the real deal and you will be glad you did.

Mustang Hod Pin Kit

These are CNC Machined from Billet aluminum, the top part has anodized black finish. They come in non colored versions also. The kit comes with a Delrin insert (spacer) that sits against the hood to protect it from scratching. So as with many of the parts I put on the car I contacted the guys over at Late Model Restoration and see what they had in stock. They happen to have had the UPR black hood pin kit available and ready to ship.

This Hood Pin Kit Includes:

2 – Billet Aluminum Scuff Plates
8 – Screws for Scuff Plates
2 – Flip style quick release hood pins
2 – Chromed Billet Steel Studs 4” long, ½” in Diameter, 2 3/8” Threaded
4 – ½” Nuts
2 – Adhesive backing to protect your hood surface

I have more pics and an installation on this mustang hood Pin Kit.

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